F27 Aircraft Pictures at Norwich Prior to Scrapping

Thanks to Ray Pavey, who worked for BIA and Dan Air and then ran the handling company BIAS at Bournemouth kindly sent through to us the following pictures of several F27 aircraft, taken just prior to scrapping at Norwich.

G BDVS WFU 25 Sep 1994, G BAKL WFU 21 Dec 1995, G BHMX WFU May 1994

All these aircraft had been broken up by December 1996, the forward fuselage section of G BDVS  preserved by the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum. Photo Ray Pavey.

G BCDN WFU 15 Oct 1995.

Used as a cabin trainer, it was then used by Air UK Engineering until 2017 when it was presented to the Norfolk Aviation Museum. Photo Ray Pavey.

G BHMX WFU May 1994

Broken up by December 1996, a 45 gallon ballast drum can be seen in the front door, MX has G BLGW nose wheel door attached. Photo Ray Pavey.

G STAN WFU 2 April 1996

Broken up by December 1996. It is pictured with an engineering designed ballast fixing in lieu of the port engine. Photo Ray Pavey.

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