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11th September 2013 Duxford

Thanks to everyone who has sent photos for inclusion in this web site.

The 2013 Informal Reunion took place on the 11th September 2013 at the Duxford Imperial War Museum.

The reunion was an outstanding success, thanks to both Adele Stephenson and Clive Kerr for taking the time to make the arrangements and inform us all of the arrangements that have been made, the photos can be viewed here by clicking on the appropriate link on that page.

A smaller turn out than usual on September 11th, but very select.  The weather was expected to be wet and cold, but turned out to be dry and not-so-cold.  Three people managed to turn up wearing the old AIR UK anoraks which have survived constant wear yet still look incredibly good. Those were the days – free quality uniforms. And Barry Robinson, who flew in, was showing some familiar AIR UK blue collar above the neck of his sweater.

The new start time of 11 a.m. worked well as there was an unusually large number of the general public who went in at 10 a.m.  We managed to commandeer a section of the coffee shop for our usual refreshment and chat before making our way to the remains of the Herald for group photograph.

Clive assures us that it is to be restored and that a very good job will ultimately be done. Certainly judging by the appearance of the Airspeed Ambassador which was in pieces a few years ago there is a good chance of a better future for the Herald.

As usual, everyone wandered around the museum but most of us congregated for lunch in Wingco Joe’s. Debbie Collett, formerly AIR UK and now a Duty Manager at Duxford, had kindly arranged for lunch to be available for us until 2.30 p.m. and we also had the end section of the restaurant to ourselves.

Special thanks to our one and only photographer, Roger Stanley. He is so professional that after parking his car on arrival he started taking photographs of the group while walking to join us !! Giles captured a shot of Roger at work which says it all. Giles and John Best assisted with some pictures, which are included.

It was a very happy day.

Our considerable thanks to Carl who organises the website so that everyone, whether there or not, can enjoy Duxford 2013.


Best John Hughes Paul
Brand Pete Kerr Clive
Brigham Ian McBurnie Micky
Buttle Jenny McCarthy Ett
Buttle Robin Mitchell Tom
Collett Debbie Robinson Barry
Crossman Dave Rodmell Tony
Crossman Sarah Saunders Giles
Dakin Terry Stanley Roger
Flack Helen Stephenson Adele
Fricker Glen Trendell Nick
Frye Rod Turner Steve
Gregory Tony Weatherill Sonia
Gregory Anne Young Robert
Hamilton Sue 29 Total


All the following former colleagues were unable to come due to rostering or other commitments.
They all send their best wishes and hope to see friends on a future occasion.

Angie Angell Working…love to all…
Lucinda Mead Flying for airline in Canada
Cara Watt Maternal duties !
Carl France Holding the fort at the office
Rip Kirby Cannot come
Jerry Gold Easyjet. Madrid base closed. Travelling to & fro today
Maria North Working today
Tim Gates Jet 2. Working today
Will Elbourn Jet 2. Working today
Tim Atkinson AAIB. Working today
Jeremy Taylor Virgin. Working today
Norman & Catherine Anderson BA. Working today
Daphne Goslings Virgin. Working today
Nick Harewood Easyjet. New address. Working today
Peter Elliott Retired in Jersey
Graham Hill Flybe Jersey. Working today
Ian Meade Aurigny. Working today
Gordon Woods Teacher of English in Paris
Chris Yates Easyjet. Working today
Chris Pollak Cannot come
Jerry Andrews Cannot come
Mike Wood His wife Liz is ill with cancer
Simon Cornish Cathay. A330 captain
Janet Donaldson USA. Flying Kingairs
Will Sharpe Invites everyone to visit him in South Africa.
Gavin Mellon Cannot come
Alf from Airvo AMS Cannot come
Sue Nelson Working today
Pete Rawlings Cannot come this year
Suzie Henderson Moving down south soon from Scotland.
Hazel Fricker Ford. Working today.
Alan Carter Unable to leave very ill dog
Simon Skelton BA. Working
Mike Mead Unable to come this year
Peter Heath Unable to come this year
Annaliese Whitwam Unable to come this year
Ian Robins Unable to come this year
Geoff Wilton Unable to come this year
Zane Dunning Unable to come this year
Alan Rappaport Unable to come this year
40 Total