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17th September 2014 Duxford

The 2014 Informal Reunion took place on the 17th September 2014 at the Duxford Imperial War Museum, The weather this year was not sunny, as it has been for most of this summer, but dry and warm. Easily warm enough for lunch outside.

The 2014 AirUK Reunion photos can be viewed here by clicking on the appropriate link on that page.

Group photographs were taken outside Wingco Joe’s Café due to the AIR UK Herald being un-photogenic at present – stripped down and awaiting essentials plus repaint. Ben Symonds brought along the AIR UK flag (do not enquire as to how and where he acquired it) and has handed it to Adele Stephenson as the new keeper on the basis that it will continue to be used on these occasions and handed on down the family, so to speak.

Once again it was a very happy day with so many old friends in civilised surroundings.

Our chief photographer, as ever, was Roger Stanley who brings the day to all those who were unable to come this year. He was ably assisted by Giles Saunders. Maria North managed to come this year and not only added glamour to the occasion but also took many photographs for which we are extremely grateful.

As ever, tremendous thanks go to Carl France for the website which is our lifeline – he could not come to Duxford this year but we hope to see him in 2015 so we can all thank him personally.

Hoping to see many of you again next year.

Clive Kerr and Adele Stephenson.

Those Attending – 48
Anderson Catherine Copping Pat Kerr Clive Stanley Roger
Anderson Norman Dakin Linda Laver Peter Stephenson Adele
Bell Gary Dakin Terry Mather Dave Symonds Ben
Bennion John Dawson Kevin McBurnie Micky Taylor Jeremy
Best John Drury Steve McCarthy Ett Taylor Melissa
Bines Jeff + 1 Evans Andy Manly Miranda Trendell Nick
Brand Pete Evans John North Maria Turner Steve
Brett Mike Farmborough John Payne Paul Watson Alan +1
Brooks Ellie Frankland Victoria +1 Pugh Kevin Watson Guy
Brooks John Fricker Glen Robinson Barry Wood Mike
Buttle Robin Harewood Nick Salem John Young Heidi
Carter Alan +1 Holmes Glenn Saunders Giles Young Robert


Absent Friends – 36
Addison Murray Elliott Pete Hancock Ann Rawlings Pete
Alfons ramp AMS Flack Helen Heath Peter Roberts Ian
Angell Angie France Carl Henderson Suzie Robins Ian
Benbow Jim Fricker Hazel Kemp Bill Sharpe Will
Brown Steve Gold Jerry King Lisa Soddy Julian
Bryce-Smith Rob Gates Tim Leech Steve Weatherill Sonja
Burton Eileen Gregory Tony Mead Lucinda Wilton Geoff
Davidson Janet. Gordon Keith Mitchell Tom Woods Gordon
Elbourn Will Hamilton Sue Nelson Sue Yates Chris