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Next Reunion

Wednesday 18th  September 2024

is the date this year for the Air UK 2024 reunion at Duxford.

The date can be pre-booked for visiting Duxford. If you could pre-book Wednesday the 18th of September 2024 it should avoid the hold-ups getting past the ticket desk, and hopefully, we will all move seamlessly into the museum!

In case you have not been along before, we meet up at 11 am in the car park of the Imperial War Museum at Duxford which is where the Visitor Centre Entrance is located.

Once a reasonable number of us have accumulated we go in as a group.

Any stragglers are welcome, you will encounter someone you know… start by looking in the restaurants!

We used to have a group photo in front of the Air UK Herald at about 1 pm, but G-APWJ has been moved to Scotland now, replaced by an ex-RAF Bae-146. This could replace the Herald for a group photo, as Air UK did fly 146s

Please pass on this information to anyone ex-Air UK who might not appear on our email lists, though an entry will be made on the Air UK Facebook page.

Email Contact

If you do not receive e-mails from Clive re Duxford and would like to do so, please send your e-mail address to us via the Website Contact Form and it will be put on one of the lists.

Group e-mails are sent out as blind carbon copies so your address is not seen by everyone else.

One AirUK person sometimes asks us for the address of another and in that case, we ask first.

Best wishes

City of Norwich Aviation Museum Visit

Adele Stephenson and Angie Angel have organised another visit to the City of Norwich Aviation Museum on Thursday the 14th of November 2024  following the success of the event they organised there last year, further details will be available on the Interest page in due course, in the meantime, please keep the date free!

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