Next Reunion

Wednesday September 23rd 2020

is the date this year for the Air UK 2020 re-union at Duxford.



Update 10th June 2020

For the September reunion we need not only for Duxford airfield and museum to be open for us, but for the restaurants to be operating normally.

Clive and Adele will send out group e-mails as soon as we have definite ‘on’ or ‘off’ information and this website will be updated therefore please do keep your eye on this web page.

On the Day

In case you have not been along before, we meet up at 11am in the car park of the Imperial War Museum Duxford , which is where the Visitor Centre Entrance is located.

Once a reasonable number of us have accumulated we go in as a group.

Any stragglers are welcome, tell the desk that you are part of the AIR UK group and you will find somebody you know somewhere inside the museum, start by looking in the restaurants!

We congregate for a group photo in front of the old Air UK Herald at 13.00 hrs then Carl France puts the pics onto the web-site he created for us at

Please pass on this information to anyone ex-Air UK who might not appear on the email list of Clive or Adele.

Best wishes,
Clive and Adele

Email Contact

If you do not receive e-mails from Clive or Adele re Duxford and would like to do so, please can you send your e-mail address to us via the website contact form and it will be put on one of the lists.

When group e-mails are sent out they are sent as blind carbon copies so your address is not seen by everyone else.

We are sometimes asked by one AIR UK person for the address of another and in that case we ask first.