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AirUK Reunion

For the aircrew and ground staff of the wonderful airline AirUK

For several years the aircrew and ground staff of the wonderful airline Air UK have been meeting up to catch up and enjoy a pleasant day viewing the aircraft, drinking coffee, enjoying lunch, drinking more coffee, viewing the aircraft, drinking some more coffee and generally enjoying a wonderful day out together.

2014_airuk_reunion (40)
2019_air_uk_reunion (7)


See the history page for an outline of the airlines history and what happened to what was, at one time, one of the better airlines in the UK to be employed by.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

Thanks to Clive Kerr who makes the necessary arrangements with his friends at the Duxford Imperial War Museum, September is usually the chosen month for the reunion as the main Duxford visiting season is over, the schools have gone back and generally the weather can still be quite forgiving. We therefore find plenty of space in the coffee shops and there are no large crowds in the hangars. When the date is selected Clive Kerr and Adele Stephenson notify everyone whom they have the relevant email address information for of the arrangements for the day.

2018_air_uk_reunion (279)

Reunions, Over the Years

Each year that goes by the numbers of people turning up at our reunion is testament to the working relationships we all enjoyed, who actually arrives of course depends on what they are doing now and the creativity (or lack of) within their rostering department!

If you are interested in coming along to our next reunion then please keep an eye on this web site when the venue, dates and time of our next meeting will be announced around March each year on our next reunion page.

Finally, a big thank you to all those who assist by taking on the role of photographers on behalf of everyone.

G-BHMY – Fokker 27

Thanks to John Farmborough for these pictures, taken at the Norwich Aircraft Museum – ‘MY’ – left just as if ready for her next flight (in 1998). All seat pockets had duty free catalogue, flight safety card, sick bag and 1997/8 timetable. All checklists etc were still on flight deck.