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6th September 2017 Duxford

The 2017 Informal Reunion took place on Wednesday September 6th 2017 at Duxford Imperial War Museum.

For the first time, Clive Kerr was unable to come due to an immovable NHS appointment which he did his best to change – eye treatment – but they threatened to put him on the bottom of a year-long list if he did.

The next problem was the IWM having a new policy on group entry which was fine for a coach party but not for our unknown number of individuals.  We overcame that eventually but it may crop up again – we would have had to collect all the ticket cash in a bucket in the car park.

It was a dry day- although absent, Clive had once more arranged the weather.  We organised a team to catch the eye of arrivals. Maria North, Robert Young and I lined up our three Skodas and draped over the AIR UK flag.  (Good thing that Skodas now have a better reputation). Maria had collected the AIR UK badges from Clive and they were distributed while Roger Stanley started his photographic work.

The restaurants made a good profit from us until it was time to line up in front of the Herald, which is looking more serviceable nowadays, for the group photograph.

Both Alan Carter and Tony Moore flew into Duxford.

Another happy AIR UK day.  Our thanks go to Clive for organisation and badge production, Maria for really stalwart work, collecting the badges, distribution, and after that – photography! Roger Stanley gave up a day of his holiday (much needed when retired) to come to Duxford, as he does every year, to capture those pictures for the website.  Robin Buttle and Debbie Collett helped us magnificently with the group entry problem and Robert Young gave useful advice and is also without parallel at putting names to faces. Finally, that most important man – Carl France – whose website work is appreciated worldwide by our former colleagues and friends.

The photos from the day are now published and can be viewed on the Reunion Photos Page.

See you all next year,
Adele Stephenson

Those Attending – 45
Anderson Norman Buttle Robin Hakim John Pearce Linda
Bennion John Carter Alan Harewood Nick Pearce Mark
Best John Channing Jason Herbert Piers Rawlings Pete
Bines Jeff Coates Nick Innes Mark Rix Dave
Boreham Peter Copping Pat Innes Trudi Simm Tony
Bragg Paul Cowan Don Manley Helen Smith Jeanette
Brand Becky Doggett Pat Mather Dave Stanley Roger
Brand Pete Duval Mary McBurnie Micky Stephenson Adele
Brett Mike Farmborough John Moore Tony Taylor Jeremy
Briscoe Jon Foster Neil North Maria Taylor Keith
Brown Geoff Fricker Glen Owen (Musker) Kathy Young Robert
Burlison Stephanie
Apologies From Absent Friends – 37
Verbal apologies relayed on the day not included.
Alam Mahmood France Carl Mead Lucinda Trendell Nick
Angell Angie Gates Tim Mead Mike Van der Kwaak Alf
Benbow Jim Gold Jerry Mitchell Tom Watt Cara
Cornish Simon Greenwood Alan Nelson (Buckley) Sue Weatherall Sonja
Curran John Heath Peter O’Brien Simon Williams Colin
Dakin Linda Hill Graham Robinson Barry Wilton Geoff
Dakin Terry Kerr Clive Rodmell Tony Woods Gordon
Elbourn Will Le Galle Mike Saunders Giles
Elliott Peter Marshall Edward Sharpe Will
Fairbairn Sue McCarthy Ett Symonds Ben