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26th September 2018 Duxford

The 2018 Informal Reunion took place on Wednesday September 26th 2018 at Duxford Imperial War Museum.

The 26th September was late in the month for us at Duxford, the date was chosen as a quiet one to follow their large event the previous weekend which had not been blessed with good weather. We had magnificent weather, however, sitting out in warm sunshine with barely a cloud in the sky, and everyone kept coming… a total of 64.

A welcome increase in the numbers of cabin crew and with Angie and Anneliese present a fun time was guaranteed.

Three people flew in – Captains Moore, Rodmell and Giudici.

The official photographers, Maria North & Roger Stanley were busy, assisted by several others and we are most grateful to all of them. We were disappointed that Carl France was unable to be with us, as we all wanted to thank him for his tremendous work on this website.

Not complying with the Duxford definition of a group – unknown number, no leader, payment in multiple transactions instead of one – we had to persuade them to accept our money & let us in to spend it. Suzie announced that she had no problem with her method of entry and Robert Young, eyeing the fence, asked her if she had brought wire cutters, Robert being in his usual form. Turned out she was a Friend of Duxford.

Group photo was in front of the AIR UK Herald, brandishing the flag that Ben nicked when the Company closed down. Some of our less well behaved colleagues began swopping name badges – due to increasing age, Captains Kerr & Stephenson are quite confused enough over names & faces without booby traps of this kind being set. Presumably the Duxford staff turned out the last of the chatterers before locking up and we all look forward to next time.

The photos from the day are now published and can be viewed on the Reunion Photos Page.

See you all next year,

Adele Stephenson

Those Attending – 64

Angell Angie Fricker Glen Manley Helen Shilling Keith
Barker Carolyn Galloway Richard Mathers Dave Sims Tony
Bennion John Giudici Marcella McBurnie Micky Sparrow Jeff
Best John Grant Denise McCarthy Ettore Stanley Roger
Bines Jeff Grant Ian McConnellogue Carole Anne Stephenson Adele
Brand Pete Greenwood Alan Moore Tony Taylor Jeremy
Burlison Stephanie Gunn Paul Muscroft John Taylor Lorraine
Cameron Stephen Heath Peter Nicholson Bruce Trister Rob
Clark Peter Henderson Suzie North Maria Ventura Anne
Coates Karen Holmes Glenn Owen Chris Weatherill Sonja
Cowan Don Innes Mark Owen Kathy White Allan
Crossman Sarah Innes Trudi Parker Kirsty Whitwam Anneliese
Darroch Bill Jones Lindsey Rawlings Peter Wilton Geoff
Evans Andy Keefe Richard Reade Martin Wynne Steve
Evans Noel Kerr Clive Rodmell Tony Young Heidi
Flack Helen Long Kevin Saunders Giles Young Robert


Apologies From Absent Friends – 34

Alam Mahmood Dakin Terry Gibson Tim Robinson Barry
Anderson Claire Dunn Kathy Gold Jerry Savidge Lisette
Anderson Catherine Drury Steve Harold Andy Sharpe Will
Anderson Norman Dunning Zane Hill Graham Symonds Ben
Benbow Jim Elliott Peter Kemp Bill Trendell Nick
Briscoe Jon Farmborough John Marshall Edward Williams Colin
Buttle Robin France Carl Meade Ian Woods Gordon
Cornish Simon Frankland Victoria Meade Wendy  
Dakin Linda Gates Tim Payne Paul