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23rd September 2015 Duxford

The 2015 Informal Reunion took place on the 23rd September 2015 at the Duxford Imperial War Museum, the week after the big Battle of Britain celebrations.

It was beautiful weather, just a little chilly to sit out but otherwise perfect. There was some post Battle of Britain flying to watch.

A total of 48 attended – we were happy to see an increase in cabin crew numbers this year and also ground staff.

The former Southampton manager, Barry Friend, made a 240 mile round trip to attend and brought with him a BIA flag.

Since the AirUK Herald has a degree of unserviceability that would be apparent even to a student pilot on a walkround – yes it DOES have a tail but it is elsewhere – we decided to be photographed in front of Concorde, brandishing the AIR UK flag and also the BIA one.

Another very happy day at Duxford as the photographs show.

Once again many thanks to our photographers and to Carl France, without whom the website would not exist. You can view the pictures from the day by clicking Reunion Photos.

See you all next year,

Clive Kerr and Adele Stephenson.

Those Attending – 48
Adele Stephenson Glen Fricker Karen Coates Richard Galloway
Barry Friend Glenn Holmes Kevin Long Rob Bromley
Barry Robinson Heidi Young Maria North Robert Young
Catherine Anderson Helen Manley Melissa Taylor Robin Buttle
Chris Marron Jeff Bines Micky McBernie Roger Stanley
Claire Walker Jeremy Taylor Neill Foster Simon O’Brien
Clive Kerr John Bennion Nick Coates Sonja Weatherill
David Mather John Best Norman Anderson Stephanie Burlinson
Don Cowan John Briscoe Pat Copping Suzi Henderson
+1 (Jan Cowan Wife of Don) John Evans Pete Brand Tony Rodmell
Edward Marshall John Hakim Peter Heath Tony Sims
Giles Saunders John Salem Peter Rawlings Trudi Innes


Apologies From Absent Friends – 27
Alan Carter Colin Williams Jerry Gold Pete Elliott
Alfons Van de Kwaak Daphne Gosling Jim Benbow Simon Skelton
Angie Angell David Crossman Kathy Dunn Terry & Linda Dakin
Ben Symonds Ettore McCarthy Lucinda Mead Tim Gates
Bill Kemp Geoff Wilton Mahmood Alam Tony Gregory
Carl France Gordon Woods Nick Trendell Will Elbourn
Chris Yates Jerry Andrews Paul Payne