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25th September 2019 Duxford

The 2019 Informal Reunion took place on Wednesday September 25th 2019 at Duxford Imperial War Museum.

We chose September 25th as (again) it was the Wednesday after the last weekend show of the season.

For the first time for many years we were not blessed by good weather, it was very warm, but there were heavy showers and some poor visibility, which caused three of our aviators to decide not to fly in – two managed to make it by road.

A total of 45 arrived at Duxford, which was down on last year as many of our ‘regulars’ had other activities that day but as ever there were some for whom it was the first visit.  In fact, a total of 83 former AirUK staff responded to the date on the website and by e-mail – there were 38 apologies sent in.

We actually managed to pay our money and enter without too much trouble this year, in spite of none of the staff expecting us. So much for promises, e-mails and telephone calls.

The group photograph in front of the AirUK Herald was a bit haphazard due to the rain showers – fortunately an adjacent VC-10 provided more extensive shelter than the Herald.

The nearest restaurant, to which we normally adjourn after the photograph, has gone from bad to worse.  During the past year we have been trying to contact them to give the date for when about 40 people would like snacks or lunch but they must be the only restaurant in the UK which prides itself on not having a telephone. A personal interview between Jeremy Taylor and the Manager some months ago confirmed lack of interest so we returned to the restaurant near the entrance.  We did miss sitting outside to eat & chat as we have always done in previous years – the weather cleared up, but much later.

The photos from the day are now published and can be viewed on the Reunion Photos Page.

See you all next year,

Adele Stephenson

Those Attending – 45
Anderson Catherine Crossman Sarah Long Kevin Taylor Jeremy
Anderson Norman Crow Kirsty Mather Dave Turner Selina
Arthur Stephen Davison John McBurnie Micky Turner Steve
Bennion John Drury Denise Morais Ben Watt Cara
Best John Drury Steve North Maria Weatherill Sonja
Bines Jeffrey Fenton Mark Pugh Kevin Webb Rod
Brown Jayne-Marie Foster Neill Saunders Giles Wilson Tom
Buttle Robin Harewood Nick Skelton Simon Wood Brian
Carter Alan Harris Peter Stanley Roger Woods Gordon
Coates Karen Holmes Glenn Stephenson Adele
Cowan Don Hughes Paul Stevens David
Crossman David Kerr Clive Symonds Ben


Apologies From Absent Friends – 38
Alam Mahmood Dunn Kathy Henderson Suzie Taylor John
Angell Angie Elbourn Will Johnson Annemarie Trendell Nick
Ashdown Gavin Elliott Pete Kemp Bill Whitwam Anneliese
Brand Pete Evans Noel Light Adrian Williams Colin
Burlison Stephanie France Carl Mitchell Tom Wilton Geoff
Collins Geoff Fricker Glen Payne Paul Yates Chris
Cook Chas Gold Jerry Rawlings Pete Young Heidi
Dakin Linda Greenwood Alan Robinson Barry Young Robert
Dakin Terry Harrold Andy Rodmell Tony
Darroch Bill Heath Peter Sharpe Will