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14th September 2011 Duxford

Thanks to everyone who has sent photos for inclusion in this web site.

The Air UK 2011 reunion was an outstanding success, thanks to both Adele Stephenson and Clive Kerr for taking the time to make the arrangements and inform us all of the arrangements that have been made.

The 2011 AirUK Reunion photos can be viewed here by clicking on the appropriate link on that page.

The 2011 Informal Reunion took place on the 14th September 2011 at the Duxford Imperial War Museum.

Clive had again organised perfect weather – the strong wind of previous days had decreased to a breeze, the sky was blue, the sun was warm and the only cloud was fair weather cumulus. After receiving over 40 apologies, Clive and I thought we would be lunching alone until cars starting rolling into the car park and a queue formed for Clive’s AIR UK labels. Those who were unable to come had mainly failed to obtain the day off or were abroad on holiday. Some new faces appeared (but from the old seniority lists) and it was marvelous to see them again.

One of our regular ‘official’ photographers, Sonja Weatherill, was in Australia following the tragic death of her daughter in May. Roger Stanley, our other ‘official’ with a camera was with us together with the welcome assistance of Peter Heath, who may have found himself a job.

Carl France puts the pictures on the website – he was unable to come but everyone knows and appreciates the enormous amount of time and effort he has put into the website

Clive suggested to those present that perhaps the reunion should be biennial, but was howled down, so 2012 will be the next one.

Although we have done our best on names, please correct us if there is an error or omission.

Adele Stephenson.


Anderson Catherine Evans Andy Giudici Marcello
Anderson Norman Flack Helen Mather Dave
Atkinson Tim Fricker Glen McCarthy Ett + 1
Benbow Jim Frye Rod Moore Tony
Bennett Andrew Gates Tim Popham Graham
Best John Grant Brian Reade Martin
Buttle Robin Gregory Tony Robinson Barry
Carter Alan + 1 Heath Peter Saunders Giles
Cowan Don Henderson Suzie Sharpe Will
Dakin Terry Holmes Glenn Stanley Roger
Darroch Bill Hufton Roy Stephenson Adele
Dunning Zane Kerr Clive Trendall Nick
Elbourn Will Loader Graham Young Robert
Special ladies: Eileen Burton Kate Saunders


Andrews Jerry Kemp Bill Petersen Craig
Angell Angie Kemp Martyn Pollak Chris
Bradshaw Andy King Lisa Rappaport Alan
Brand Pete Laver Peter Rawlings Pete
Clayton Mike Laws John Rodmell Tony
Cornish Simon Mead Lucinda Symonds Ben
Drury Steve Meade Ian & Wendy Taylor Jeremy
Dunn Kathy Meade Mike Thompson William
Elliott Pete McBurnie Micky Van der Kwaak Alfons
France Carl McCoshim Jan Walton Pete & Sue
Fricker Hazel Mellon Gavin Watt Cara
Gold Jerry Mercer Trefor Weatherill Sonja
Goslings Daphne Mitchell Tom Williams Colin
Harewood Nick Nelson Sue Wilton Geoff
Harrold Andy Orr Michael Woods Gordon
Kelman (Harland) Sarah Parker Richard Young John