AirUK Lambretta Series 2 Scooter

This Lambretta scooter and the Bambini Watson sidecar is one of a pair that the engineering department used in Jersey, they go back to BUA days and we have a photo of one of them in BUA colours taken in 1968.




In June 2019 we were contacted by Nick Cowley who told us he had purchased the sidecar on ebay in 2015, and had it shipped from Jersey to his home in the Isle of Wight. It came with a 1970’s flames paint job.



Nick has subsequently restored it and fitted another scooter and had it repainted in Air UK colours. In the restoration he found a repair where the original obstruction light would have been.



Anyone knowing anything more of the history or subsequent disposal of them from Jersey please let us know, as Nick is gathering information for when he displays his wonderful restored Lambretta scooter and sidecar.

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