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Air UK registered the majority of the BAe 146 aircraft with out of sequence registrations, and I hope we have linked them to the correct person at that time.

G CHSR Helmuth Schmidt-Reps Chairman Air UK Leisure
G CNMF Neil Foster Chairman (1989)
G CSJH Stephen Hanscombe Managing Director (1989)
G UKAC Alan Cottle Operations Director
G UKAG Andrew Gray Managing Director
G UKHP Harold Payne Managing Director Engineering
G UKID Ian Douglas Senior Personal Manager
G UKJF James (Jim) French Marketing Director
G UKLN Leonard Nutter Senior Manager Technical
G UKPC Phillip Chapman Planning and Industry Affairs
G UKRC Robert (Bob) Coleman Customer Services Director
G UKRH Robert Holwell Financial Controller
G UKSC Stuart Carson Finance Director

Air Anglia was not immune to this practice and listed below are examples from that airline. It is thought that G BLGW  was  so registered to signify and promote the start of services to Gatwick, confirmation would be welcome.

Fokker F27 aircraft

G SPUD Capt. P (Spud) Murphy Chief Pilot Air Anglia
G STAN Stanley Caddy Quality Control Manager Engineering

Fokker F28 Aircraft

G JCWW Jim Crampton Founder of Air Anglia
G WWJC Wilbur Wright Founder of Air Anglia

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