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Here are a couple of pictures of the charity teddy bear that Robert Young sent off around the world, unfortunately he (the bear) went missing……possibly bear-napped!

I leave Robert to explain the story………..

“Air Bear was owned by one of my PPL students at Norwich, Rosie Couch (a friend of Mrs Mike Wood), who also knew Jon Walker as his (Air Bear’s) log book had Jon’s name in it. The idea was to go on various flights around the world and then sell him and his log book of for Charity. Last I had heard (15 years ago) he had even been in American fighter jets. I took him to Miami on Virgin. Dennis Brennan organised his Air uk cap, and pre 9/11 had a genuine Norwich security pass with his photo. He didn’t do me any favours, as I got slagged off for being the soft First Officer with the Teddy bear, rather than someone trying to help charity.”

Jerry Gold and Charity Ted

Carolyn Barker, Jerry Gold and Charity Ted

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